I think there is a certain grace to growing into yourself, and I have spent these 22 years trying to figure it out. To learn to wear everything I am in the inside, on the outside, my quirks and my joy and my oddness and my passion and my uncertainty and my insecurities and my confidence. To look at you with honesty in my eyes, just as I am, and not turn away… knowing that the very best way I could encourage someone to embrace the person they are, fully, is to embrace the person I am fully. I’m still learning how to do that. And I think words became a special part of my life when I realized that, sometimes, they can be a map to the places in your own heart you are still trying to understand.

The title comes from the journal sitting on my desk, one my sweet friend Morgan gave to me. She spent the whole summer collecting and drying wild flowers to fill some of its empty pages and left the rest for me to fill with the kind of heart-to-hearts best had with yourself, Jesus, and paper. Most of the things I’ve written are kept in a stack of dusty journals no one will ever read, but here, in sharing a few of my stories and experiences, my hope is that they will give hope, when someone out there really, really needs to hear, “I’ve been there too”.

- S